Portugal was forged at the confluence of land and ocean, between the rocky acres scratched by the peasants' plough and the Atlantic swell defying the sailors.
The endearing Lisbon, the royal Sintra, the wild Alentejo, the radiant Algarve, the studious Coimbra, the lively Porto...
Portuguese cuisine is rooted in tomatoes, peppers, bread, olive oil, and of course, the best of the sea and let's not forget the wine.
The catalogue expands with each glance and the heart palpitates in front of the immensity of the beaches and the simple and convivial happiness of a meal of grilled sardines in a shaded alley.
So head for Portugal, with its rich cultural heritage and mild oceanic sunshine !

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O Mimadu

Special gifts, for special moments.
All tastes of O Mimadu are provided with an elegant box, both in single bottles and in three packs.